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Obat Oil and Petroleum Limited has redefined its focus to make its products and services available hassle-free to satisfy the most basic economic need of the individual and to provide reasonable returns on the investment for its stakeholders. Also we are strategizing to satisfy a huge market with enormous demands. The resultant expansion is a commitment to keep a safe environment, satisfy its people and meet the demands of this huge market. Our strategy is being implemented through the expansion of our network of service outlets, oil depots and eventually, the establishment of a refinery.

This expansion has created a need to assemble all specialised units and create a new one under an umbrella brand identity - The Obat Group. All other functional units of the business will remain as previously known. However, a new functional unit is being added which is the Obat Refinery.

The Obat Group is positioned to expand the Obat- Market - Sphere-of - Influence, by serving the demands of both local and international markets.

The details of an extensive research conducted years ago into the dynamics of the oil and gas industry, showed that the present level of local production of petroleum products would be insufficient to meet local demands. The deregulation of the Nigerian oil industry was the solution preferred by this research. The deregulation produced new challenges which old answers could not address. Our answers to these challenges are the establishment of the Obat service outlets, Obat Oil Depots and the proposed Obat Production Refinery.

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