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Obat Oil and Petroleum Limited was incorporated in 1981 to engage in trading of petroleum products. Its operations cover both the upland and riverine areas in the national energy market.
Obat Oil and Petroleum Limited is a major market maker in the Oil business with a growing list of offices, including those in Europe and America.
Our resources and strengths have establish us as major provider in the global energy market while enhancing our status as global player in oil trading.

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Our Awards

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Over 25 years with 12 different awards, we are extremely proud of that

Our Work

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More than 100 large and small projects are completed. It is an attempt to work with effort and passion


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The team of more than 500 employees and leading experts are working day and night


With the latest Accuload III.net system terminals. fast load control and flexibility maximizes efficiency and product throughput by providing a reliable method of communicating directly with the terminals to load a 33,000 litres capacity Tanker within 15 mins.

We retain our edge by continually improving technology, service and perfomance that benefit end-users.

Our Outlook

To remain the leading player in the oil and gas industry and providing unique and qualitative services using the state-of-the-art technology and skilled manpower.

OBAT present outlook is that of professionalism, passionately committed to delivering innovative solutions through dynamic business processes and motivated staff.

CEO, Founder

Why we’re different

The strategic location of Obat retail outlets across the country coupled with the state-of-the-art facilities at our disposal give us the advantage to sell huge quantities of petroleum products in Nigeria and across Africa