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    Refinery Construction

    In order to consolidate on our position as one of the leaders in the downstream sub-sector of the oil and gas industry, we are working on the establishment of a petroleum products refinery (Obat Refinery & Petrochemical Plc.)
    The refinery will be located in the south-western part of Nigeria, on a site of about 2km from the Atlantic Ocean and would be designed to process blends of Nigerian crude oils.

    C#3/C4, LPG, PMS, DPK/ATK, AGO and LPFO/HPFO are expected to be produced from the refinery. Products from the refinery will meet international standards, while it will be self-sufficient in electricity power generation and utilities.

    Market study for the project was undertaken by Wood Mckenzie of the United Kingdom while Universal Oil Products (UOP) of Desplaines, Illinois, USA was selected as the process unit licensors and has since completed the configuration studies recommending a minimum capacity of 180,000BPSD for commercial viability.

    The refinery construction is progressing on course and has reached an advanced stage that will finalize the project scope, cost, schedule amongst other things required for completion of the technical and economic studies.

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