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    Obat Aviation

    At OBAT Aviation, we know that fuel is an operator’s largest variable expense and how important it is to have a reliable counterparty with the expertise to design an effective fuel delivery program at reduce costs. At our Aviation Fuel Services, we track JET fuel availability, pricing, duties, taxes and locations to provide accurate information to our clients to aid in budgeting and decision making before or during their operations and to ensure success of each flight.

    Aviation fuel products are imported and stored at 5,000MT tank capacity in our depot. Our haulage service partners frequently transfer Jet fuel from the depot to the airport storage tank with storage capacity of 3,000,000 million litres for easy availability and accessibility. Our into wing and into storage delivery services works around the clock to provide surety of supply and on demand service to meet our customer’s fuel needs around the nation.

    Our prices are competitive and we have logistical structure and experience to ensure your products are delivered on time and efficiently.


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    We are an independent Oil and Gas company positioned as major marketer and one of the leading indigenous energy solution providers in Africa.

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